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Safety & Compliance
Prior to purchasing any Meepo product, we highly recommend that you research your local
regulations and country-specific laws. Ultimately, you are responsible for complying with all
applicable laws and regulations, and Meepo waives all liability relating to your use of Meepo

Technical Information

Optimal Operating Environment:

Temperature: 5°C – 40°C

Humidity: 0% – 90%


Charger input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0A (indoor use only)

Charger output: 42V, 1.5-3A constant current, 120W max (indoor use only)

Battery input: Rated input 42 VDC, 2-5A

Remote input: 3.5-4.7VDC

Product Weight:

Board + battery pack: 7kg with standard range and 7.5kg with extended range battery pack

Standard range battery pack: 0.8kg

Extend range battery pack: 1.4kg

Product Dimensions:

Board within
pack: 27.0cm x 100.0cm x 14.0cm (W x L x H)

Standard range battery pack only: 9.4cm x 14.2cm x 4.0cm (W x L x H)

Extended range battery pack only: 9.6cm x 14.4cm x 4.3cm (W x L x H)

Estimated Riding Range:

Standard range battery pack: 12-17km estimated range is based on a total load of 80kg, in eco
mode, on a smooth, flat surface with no wind

Extended range battery pack: 22-27km estimated range is based on a total load of 80kg, in eco
mode, on a smooth, flat surface with no wind.

Top Speed:

Classic: 40km/h estimated top speed is based on a smooth, flat surface with no wind

NlS: 45km/h estimated top speed is based on a smooth, flat surface with no wind

Hill Grade:

Classic: Tests performed with an 80kg rider on a 25% incline

NlS: Tests performed with an 80kg rider on a 30% incline


Traveling with Your Board
Airline Travel
Guidelines for airline treatment of lithium battery-powered electronic devices in passenger baggage are issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA’s current guidelines stipulate the following for portable electronic devices brought aboard a passenger aircraft as either checked or carry-on baggage:

The device must have a watt-hour rating of less than or equal to 100Wh.
The battery design must have been tested to a test standard referred to as “UN38.3.”
Our standard range battery meets both of these requirements and is marked as such by a label on the top of the battery pack. Our extended range battery exceeds 100Wh and will not be permitted on a commercial flight.

Although IATA’s guidelines are widely adopted within the airline industry, each airline defines its own regulations. We highly suggest calling the airline prior to travel, especially if you plan to take your board on an international flight.

The optimal way to transport the board is to remove the battery pack, place it in your carry-on, and check the skateboard alone as luggage. Many of our customers have also successfully brought the skateboard on as a carry-on and placed it in the overhead bins, in the coat closet, or in other available cabin space with the assistance of a flight attendant.

General questions

Weight Limit
The longboard deck used on the Meepo NLS board is the 9 layer, supplied and designed by
Loaded Boards. It is rated for use by riders up to 250 lbs (136 kg).

The deck is intended for speeds between 0 and 28 mph (0-45km/hr). 

We tested our boards on a 25% grade with a 270 lb rider. While the board is still capable of
carrying heavier riders, the hill climbing ability will be reduced and the stopping distance
will increase.