Meepo Buyer Guide

Here are some questions that will

help you to choose your perfect board


Meepo NLS

Discover the brand new NLS Meepo Electric Skateboard. This Next Level Skatebaord is the most advanced Meepo Board ever. New NR (night riding) Remote. New M-Grip Motors. Shredder II Trucks. Top Speed: Up to 25 mph. Range: Up to 14 miles. Suitable for both new and experienced riders.


Meepo V2

The board that put us on the map. The V2 is our best all-around board featuring powerful motors, long 11-mile range, a large, comfortable deck, and smooth control that will get you to work on time, even up the steepest of hills!


Meepo AWD GT

If you are an experienced skater looking for a more intense ride, the AWD GT might be for you! With 4 powerful hub motors, the GT features extremely fast acceleration and braking, allowing users to hit speeds of up to 28 miles per hour! This board is not for new skaters, and should only be used by riders with at least a year of experience riding eskates.


30’’ Meepo V2

The shorter 30 inch deck on the 30’’ Meepo makes it ideal for more advanced riders who are looking for a fast, easily-portable setup that is comfortable for shorter rides. This board also features a handle and kicktail for easy carrying and low-speed maneuverability.

campus 2

Meepo Campus 2

This is our most portable board yet! With it’s small size and single motor, the Campus is perfect for short trips around town and easy storage. With its single motor, the Campus is not a fast board, and is most suitable for lighter-weight riders.

Enjoy getting there!