Is delivery time is the same for all countries or it may vary according to the country?



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  • Peter Settle

    I'm very dissapointed and angry with Meepo this far. I ordered the Mini 2 at the beginning of October and it finally came in five weeks later. Don't say it will ship in 1-2 days if it's really going to ship in 30. During this time I had no actual confirmation that the board was actually on its way which was very frustrating. Once I finally got the board, the deck was delaminated and split right down the middle so it is currently very unstable and ugly. I reached out to customer service and they refuse to fix it properly which is incredibly aggravating because I just spent a lot of money on the product and it should have at least come undamaged. I took the board for a ride the other day and I got 3.9 miles out of a charge. Just horrible. I'm a 140lb person who lives in a flat area so I feel as though I should at least be able to get the advertised 11 miles. I'm incredibly frustrated and I need a resolution.

    I'm leaving it up to Meepo to resolve this before I share my terrible experience elsewhere.

    update 11/18/2019:

    I was riding to class at about 20mph and came to a stop sign and THE BRAKES WENT OUT ON THE BOARD. I jumped off and of course got hurt, and the board shot into traffic and could have caused a serious accident, even death. Is this the reputation you want, Meepo? I need this issue fixed immediately.

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