Meepo Board Manual

Product Introduction

Always be ready for your board to lose power or braking, either due to radio interference, a dead remote battery, unintentional release of the dead man’s switch, downhill overcharging on a full battery, or other factors.

Your board’s brakes may fail when used with a full battery because regenerative braking will overcharge your battery. To prevent this from happening, do not start out a downhill ride on a full battery. Tide on a flat surface or uphill until you have used 3% of your battery’s capacity before attempting to go downhill. We recommend learning how to manually footbrake before taking your Meepo board downhill or riding at speed.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. Other safety gear like gloves, pads, and long sleeves, is highly recommended. Never ride in water, wet surfaces, in the rain, on slippery or uneven surfaces, on steep hills, in traffic, over cracks, train tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction. Avoid night riding, areas with poor visibility, and narrow spaces.

WARNING: Do not ride a Meepo board at speeds that exceed your ability to stop under your own power. In the event of wireless interference or a battery problem, you may need to rely on skating techniques like footbraking or sliding to stop. All riders should know how to footbrake before taking their Meepo boards up to speed.

WARNING: Please keep your remote OFF whenever you step off the board in order to prevent injury due to unintended acceleration.

1. Remote Glossary and Board Glossary

• The signal LED blinks when connected to the Meepo Board.
• The signal LED be lit constantly with no blinking when disconnected.
• The signal LED will turn red instead of green when the remote battery is low.
• When the remote’s battery is critically low, only the board’s brakes will work and acceleration will be disabled.
• The remote needs 15 minutes achieve a full charge,and can be used for 10 hours on a single charge.
• Press the power button to change riding modes.

Speed limits for riding modes:
Beginner, 8 mph
ECO, 16mph
Expert, 25 mph
Expert, 25 mph & Stronger Acceleration


2. Riding Guide

• Start by moving forward as slowly as possible.
• Only move the throttle wheel in small increments.
• Keep a wide stance on the board.
• Keep a low center of gravity by bending your knees.
•Lean forward when accelerating.
• Lean backwards when braking.

3. Contact us

Go to the Meepo Facebook page “Meepo Electric Skateboard” to discuss the Meepo Board, check out the latest news, videos and get to know riding buddies near you.